Eve Online officially marks Federation Day with login bonuses, parades, and more

It’s the kickoff of Eve Online’s Gallente Federation Day festivities, which means players can look forward to daily login bonuses, parades, new activities, and more now through June 22. It’s the ‘national holiday’ for one of the space game’s in-universe factions, and after years of being marked by player-created events, Federation Day is now an official holiday in Eve Online.

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In the Eve lore, this is the 238th Federation Day for Gallente Prime, which was founded in 23121AD as a collaboration between the homeworlds of Gallente, Caldari, Intaki, and Mannar. Eve players have been organising events for the occasion for years, and have held (in-game) fireworks displays, starship rallies for showing off the most eye-catching SKINs, awards ceremonies, and even pageants for Miss and Mister Federation.

This year, developer CCP is getting in on the fun, and has created an address from President Celes Asguard, which you can view below. In it, she talks about the strength of the Federation deriving from its people’s diversity, which is the kind of thing you’d expect from the leader of a nation that spans hundreds of different worlds containing billions of people.

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