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Over the last few weeks, we’ve been listening to you, our community, discuss EVE Online’s ecosystem, game changes, direction, and overall health. For many, EVE is more than just a game – it’s a hobby – and one you want to make sure is worthy of your considerable time and dedication.

Very often these questions are answered at events like Fanfest and the World Tour, where the view and vision for EVE Online is shared with you, the players, through presentations and casual conversations alike. Unfortunately, this year didn’t allow for such conversations and to that end, here’s a deeper look into what has been going on for EVE and what is upcoming.

Eve Online - Free To Play

Firstly, here’s a quick recap. Throughout the EVE World Tour in 2019, the emphasis on embracing new players and the importance for EVE going forward was discussed. “EVE Forever” may sound like a pithy marketing slogan, but it’s something that is very much believed in. To have New Eden stand the test of time, and to set EVE up for a thriving third decade, it is vital that EVE Online can: 1. Help new people trying the game turn into experienced EVE pilots 2. Have an ecosystem that provides a fair and vibrant playground full of diverse and rewarding opportunities 3. Be built on a strong technical foundation for future sustainability and maneuverability


Eve Online - Free To Play

In addition to the resource and industry updates of EVE, the next major update to the Encounter Surveillance System is being delivered, allowing the reserve banks to be opened by those daring enough to break in with the correct key. It will also bring about an overhaul to the ESS – both in terms of gameplay and graphics and new Lowsec content that will distribute the coveted ESS reserve bank keys. With over 20 trillion ISK sitting in these reserves, there is a lot at stake.

Later this year will see planned updates for existing Nullsec anomalies, including the addition of capital anomalies. A new high reward Nullsec PvE feature to get capitals back into space to trigger exciting player escalations is also being worked on. As mentioned before, you will get more detail and discussion on these topics as their release draws closer.

That said, the beauty of EVE is that there is always more to do!

While big leaps have been made in the balance around capital escalations with changes to cynos and super umbrellas, the current risk vs reward for putting valuable assets in space is off and needs work. New types of objectives are being looked at to get big ships back on grid, so that there will be something to hunt and fight over.

The continued improvement of the experience around foundational systems like structures and sovereignty is also a priority. The recent structure manifesto put together by EVE’s dedicated content creators is a clear sign that although structures have been focused on for several releases last year, there still remains a lot of potential there, starting with structure module balance.

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