Eve Online is set to kick off another nation-themed space festival

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In Eve’s lore, the Minmatar are the descendants of a major empire that was attacked and enslaved by the Amarr, Eve’s largest ‘nation’ and a fiercely theocratic monarchy. For centuries they laboured before finally mounting the Great Rebellion, but the legacy of the Amarr’s subjugation lives on – the Minmatar now are scattered across New Eden, and many remain in bondage in Amarr systems. Now, the Minmatar celebrate their hard-fought freedom and pledge to liberate those who remain in captivity.

During the Minmatar Liberation Day festival, you’ll be able to pledge allegiance to one of the Seven Tribes of Matar, and the winners will take control of a brand new station that’s been built in Pator, the seat of Minmatar government. Regardless of which group you pick, there are daily login rewards and gifts, which include capsuleer clothing, skill points, Minmatar SKINs for your ships, and a handy four-day Minmatar Expert System that provides access to all the basic skills you’ll need in the new combat sites and the Proving Grounds.

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