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Community Beat

As vast and varied as the world of New Eden is, the EVE Online community is just as diverse. Between the EVE Forums, subreddits, Discord communities, podcasts, streams, and news sites, the amount of information to be navigated and consumed can be truly head-spinning. To celebrate the EVE community and help you find your way in this crazy, wild, wonderful world, we’re introducing a new bi-weekly piece: The Community Beat!

Our aim in these articles is to provide a foundation for all aspects of the community: in-game events, developer chats, player meets, CSM reports, and much more. With a landscape as diverse and turbulent as EVE’s has become over the last near-nineteen years, no version of the Community Beat will look identical. We’re very excited to share the wonderful stories of the EVE community, and look forward to chatting regularly.   

Welcome to the inaugural publication of the EVE Online Community Beat: sit back, relax, and enjoy some refreshing Quafe!


The CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacon, coming soon to EVE, is a new kind of observatory structure, intended to draw enormous Rogue Drone attention toward itself and those near it, providing a new and revolutionary way to engage in exciting and profitable gameplay content in Low and Null Security space. This beacon requires a significant influx of power to spool up, however, and can consequently only be activated by specific kinds of capital ships.

We’ve had just over 4,700 CONCORD Rogue Analysis Beacons deployed in the last week, and we’re really happy with the responses. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made a few changes and we’re still on the lookout for more. We’re excited to see how you CRAB! – EVE Online Team

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