EVE Online Had A Fully Functional Bank In 2009 Before Its CEO Robbed 200 Billion From It

An EVE Online player set up a fully-functional bank in 2009 before going on to become the CEO and rob it, exchanging the funds for real-life currency.


EVE Online boasts a proprietary virtual economy that’s almost as complex as a real one, having seen its very own GameStop-esque short-squeeze just last year. Given that players are already successfully shorting resources based on scarcity speculation, it’s no surprise that some particularly apt spacefarers managed to put together a fully-functioning bank a few years back, complete with intricate interest repayment systems and (almost) airtight liquidity failsafes. 

 The only issue was the bank’s in-game CEO, who had plans of his own – specifically, plans to embezzle over 200 billion ISK (EVE’s in-game currency) and convert it into real-life Australian dollars.

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