Eve Online Gets A Shout Out By RockPaperShotgun


Eve Online - Free To Play

EVE Online has earned a name for itself as being a cold, callous universe filled with exploitative players – and that’s justified. This is an MMO where war, betrayal and espionage between real players is the norm, with results that are engrossing for those involved and fascinating for everyone else to read about.

In the shallows of space, where you start out, you might be surprised by how generous people are. Player-run corporations need new players to join the fray, and strangers are often willing to hand over ships, blueprints and in-game currency to help you get started. Some players even started an in-game university to train you in how to survive. Play it long enough and EVE Online is one of the deepest games ever made – a space game with actual politics and council meetings driven by real people – but its experience for new users has improved year on year.

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