EVE Online Facing Second ‘Summer of Rage’ Fan Outcry


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In the early days of June 2011, the player base of EVE Online joined together in revolution and war. The enemy was not a diablocial space-tyrant, or an army of NPC spaceships waiting to give battle, but the company that created EVE, CCP Games. A recent expansion, Incarna, had launched with a slew of overpriced microtransactions and other features that generally fell flat in the eyes of players. In the days following the launch of Incarnation, an internal magazine meant for employees of the company leaked, espousing the values of “greed is good,” among other things.

Tensions relaxed between the players and the game-maker over the course of a few weeks during the summer of 2011, and everything went back to normal soon thereafter. However, the players never forgot what is now commonly referred to as the Summer of Rage, and have often threatened to rise up again in protest to the company’s decisions, should it ever come to that. Fast forward to recent times, and these sentiments have begun to bubble up again, with players on social media announcing their departure from the game, calling for mass unsubscribing of accounts, widespread criticism of decisions made surrounding the game, and a feel of general unrest in the game’s population.

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