EVE Online: Everything New Players Need To Know

EVE Online can be a daunting, but rewarding experience. These tips will open up the skies to new players looking to make their mark on the universe.

EVE Online is a massive sandbox MMO with a fascinating history. The open world of EVE Online has created an entire ecosystem where the only limit remains players imagination. Massive battles, corporate intrigue, expansive industry, and exploration beyond the limits of the galaxy are all within reach for players who can penetrate EVE Online’s daunting gameplay.

EVE Online’s incredibly rewarding gameplay is tragically hidden away behind a user interface that reflects the game’s long 17 year history. Breaking into EVE Online requires a certain dedication on the part of new players, but doing so can lead to some of the most engaging and newsworthy stories in all of online gaming, including EVE Online’s participation in scientific research.

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