EVE Online Enter The Portal Update Shakes Up Clandestine Gameplay

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EVE Online has been shaking up the space-faring MMO the last few years, with addressing new player concerns, increasing update frequency and trying to bring even more risk and reward back into New Eden. This latest update addresses one of the more interesting facets of gameplay: Covert Ops.

The upcoming Black Ops update is hitting the test server, Singularity, right now, giving players the chance to check out the changes to the ships and gamplay balancing coming to the Black and Covert Ops ships in EVE Online. One major change are jump groups, which will see changes to how Black Ops ships can enter the fray when getting the jump on someone, especially in a group.

A defining feature of the Black Ops ships is the ability to warp fleets to a spot using the Covert Jump Portal Generator. However, it doesn’t allow the Black Ops ship to go with them. CCP notes that because of this, it has turned these ships into more of a taxi service, relegating them to simply a “support and travel tool.”

“Black Ops battleships are Tech II ships with their own built-in jump drives, allowing them to launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting foes through a Covert Cynosural Field. The current design also allows them to use Covert Jump Portal Generator to bridge covert ops fleet members through instead of jumping themselves. This has had the unfortunate side effect of relegating the ultimate covert battleship to a support and travel tool.”

Eve Online - Free To Play


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