EVE Online Celebrates 18th Anniversary with Foundation Event


EVE Online officially opens the new Foundation Quadrant today, kicking off a series of events to celebrate the game’s 18th anniversary. The event celebrations will include connected in-game story developments, art updates, player rewards, and tie-in with the upcoming annual Capsuleer Day celebration on 6-18 May.

In case you missed it, Quadrants act as EVE Online’s yearly roadmap of sorts. Four Quadrants are released each year with new and improved content and features, along with new game events focused on a particular EVE Online theme and aspect. According to the official CCP news release, the Foundation Quadrant launching today “will embody the pride felt across New Eden within four of its mightiest Empires; the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar.”

The four empires of New Eden make up the ‘foundation’ of EVE Online, and over the game’s (inter)stellar 18-year run, have come to inhabit their own individual identity. Each empire’s identity has been developed mainly through the in-game actions of the Capsuleers who play them, and CCP wants to spotlight the pride and accomplishments the players have created and represented throughout the game’s history.

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