Yesterday A Band Apart & Stay Frosty held our 7th Annual FFA Event in Ouelletta and all of Eve Online was invited to participate. And while all of them didn’t show up obviously, a big number of them did. 

 Ok, so deep breath. All in all we handed out aprox 6,300 Frigates. It is hard to know exact numbers because at the end there we were raiding our regular Corporation hangars and handing out anything we could to keep up. I think we even handed out our cache of Ganking Thrashers we keep on hand. 

 According to Dotlan, Ouelletta saw over 11,000 ship and pod kills yesterday. With some reports putting that number up over the 12,000 total. Again, it is always hard to know the true data and we’re waiting on a potential final tally from CCP. Once we have that I’ll update this post with the new information. 

 If these numbers hold and I fully expect them to based on what we’ve seen, this may very well be the largest loss of ships/pods in one day EVER in Low Security space. Based on what I know of Eve history I expect it will be an historic day. I used to attend RnK’s FFA events back in the day and while they were huge for their time, I don’t ever remember them resulting in these types of numbers. And Low Sec battles, while many like Asakai are historic, never really add up to these numbers either. So I expect we’ve set new records here. And if you happened to be there, you’ll have something else to remember it by.

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