Driver of the Bus – Interview With Mike Azariah

This is the first in a number of Q&A articles that I am excited to produce for you guys. My hope is that it will offer a little more insight into the life of various different aspects of the game we all love to hate. No time to waste so let’s get started.
Thank you so much for taking some timeout to help me put this together. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am Mike Azariah, I have been playing Eve Online fairly steadily for roughly 12 years now. I am the Bus driver for “Operation Magic School Bus”. As such I am unaligned with any corporation or alliance as that might be perceived as favoritism. When the mood takes me I will and have flown logistics in incursions and with Edencom. I try to make it to most public events as I am a current member of CSM15 and have served previously on CSM 8, 9 and 10.
You mentioned you have been playing for around 12 years now, take yourself back those 12 years; how did it become part of your life?

There have been a few watershed moments that brought more than its share of players into the game. The Guiding Hand Social Club assassination article in the PC Gamer magazine was what caught my attention. What inspired me wasn’t just for the story but the concept of one world where what YOU did mattered to other players. Other peoples watersheds are the enormous battles, the “This is Eve” video and so on, each event brought their own influx of a horde of players all at once.
In terms of everyday playing eve online, what is your usual line of work?

On my own time I often do the well known abyssal runs or spend some time exploring.

While driving the bus I am busy stocking the various career systems or travelling through them handing out free fitted ships to the newish pilots. All they have to do is speak up in local, dock up, and be under 30 days old as a pilot. Folks over the age limit can speak up but for them it is a BPC (blueprint copy) or three also free of course. I am most often found in rookie help chat helping out.

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