Choosing a Side

“Every 100 points you get a SKIN. There are a total of 900 points to gather for the final reward, the Battleship SKIN of your chosen faction. For a combat site, you can get up to 30 points. 10 for blowing up 10 ships, and 20 for doing the most damage on the NPC-Battleship that spawns. For scanning down and warping to a [Faction] Network Node/Hub, for the first time you get 20. And for hacking the can inside it you will be rewarded with 30 extra points for the first time. After that, it’s 10 points per hacked can. Not too bad.”

“Sadly CCP does not tell you what you get before you enlist with a faction. I sacrificed my alts, so I can give you the list of SKINs you can earn depending on what side you should choose. Just copy&paste the names into the in-game search to check them out.”

SKINs for the Order of Saint Tetrimon:

  1. Crucifier Ardishapur SKIN
  2. Punisher Sarum SKIN
  3. Imperial Navy Slicer Ardishapur SKIN
  4. Purifier Sarum SKIN
  5. Dragoon Ardishapur SKIN
  6. Maller Sarum SKIN
  7. Augoror Navy Issue Ardishapur SKIN
  8. Zealot Sarum SKIN
  9. Apocalypse Navy Issue Ardishapur SKIN

SKINs for Blood Raiders:

  1. Crucifier Ironblood SKIN
  2. Punisher Blood Raiders SKIN
  3. Cruor Ironblood SKIN
  4. Purifier Blood Raiders SKIN
  5. Dragoon Ironblood SKIN
  6. Maller Blood Raiders SKIN
  7. Ashimmu Ironblood SKIN
  8. Zealot Blood Raiders SKIN
  9. Bhaalgorn Ironblood SKIN
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