Commemorate Caldari Union Day!

Caldari State Workers Union Day is on 4 September, and celebrations run now through to 8 September! Union Day is an important event in the calendar of the Caldari State and is mandated by the Chief Executive Panel (CEP) throughout all State-controlled regions. Representing the strength of the Union and the workers who make up the populace, this day also serves as a convenient time for the eight largest megacorporations to hold their annual Industrial Planning Summit. Capsuleer celebrations this year will feature daily gifts, new lore monuments, mining blitz sites, and plenty more. There are even deals on celebratory SKINs including the temporary return of the popular State Police SKIN, now on more ships than ever before!

For the latest on Caldari matters, stay tuned for a highly anticipated address from the newly selected leader of the State, Akimaka Saraki, which is expected to be delivered within the next few weeks.


There’s lots to get involved in for Caldari Union Day. By logging in each day of the event you’ll receive rewards ranging from SKINs to pilot clothing and boosters. There’s even up to 25,000 free Skill Points available for Omega players.

You can also get a Caldari Union Day Expert System, giving you everything you need to experience the life of a loyal Caldari pilot. Don’t forget that upgrading at any point during the event will unlock any Omega rewards you might have missed!

As with previous events, there will be a warp speed bonus across Caldari space during the celebrations. This is great for travelling around New Eden, but even better if you’re looking to visit the Titan parades. The following corporations will be showcasing the might of their private militaries so be sure to pay them a visit and fire off some fireworks to receive a reward.

  • Nugoeihuvi Corporation – Josameto
  • Lai Dai Corporation – Airkio
  • Sukuuvestaa Corporation – Saisio
  • Kalaakiota Corporation – Sobaseki
  • Wiyrkomi Corporation – Annaro
  • Ishukone Corporation – Malkalen
  • Hyasyoda Corporation – Suroken
  • CBD Corporation – Muvolailen

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