CCP London hires Splash Damage vet Blunt

Adrian Blunt

Eve Online maker CCP has appointed Adrian Blunt as director of its London studio.

He will apparently be leading development on the company’s currently-unannounced first-person shooter project, previously known as Project Nova. Prior to landing the studio director role at CCP London, Blunt was VP of development at Splash Damage, having joined the firm back in 2018 as VP of operations.

Before that he held roles at the likes of EA – working on FIFA Online – Ubisoft Singapore, Square Enix and online services provider Fireteam.

CCP has said that Project Nova is no longer going by that name and that it won’t be announcing codenames in future. Before, this game was being created by CCP’s Reykjavík studio, but is now being solely handled by the company’s London outpost. CCP previously announced that Project Nova was no more with CCP London working on a new shooter based in the world of Eve Online. In December 2020, the firm announced that it was enlisting the support of Keywords’ Sperasoft studio to work on this project.

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