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Knowledge-thirsty Capsuleers,

A better understanding of EVE Online players is a long-term pursuit of ours: engaging with you on the forums, talking with you at events, reading blogs, watching player streams, sending out surveys, working with the CSM – the list goes on and on. Not every EVE player is the same and there are myriad reasons why you enjoy flying around in New Eden; whether it’s the thrill of the hunt, pride in helping your friends, the joy of exploration, a keen interest in marketing trading, or something more.

The journey of getting an even better picture of what drives each of New Eden’s Capsuleers continues as we now launch a new survey, the Capsuleer Survey. The results from this survey will continue to help us in making EVE a fantastic game – for you, and those who may be like you but haven’t tried it yet.

For completing this survey, you will receive 7 days of Omega time and also your own individual player profile, and you will help us improve New Eden for the future. You can complete this survey by logging in and clicking the link on the character selection screen.

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