Both Sides Claim Victory In Massive EVE Online Battle

Ragnarök, the death of the Norse gods, played out in EVE Online in the wee hours of New Year’s eve. Hundreds of the game’s mightiest vessels gathered together in the M2-XFE system, and Titans from the game’s two largest factions spent over 12 hours exchanging fire and unleashing their incredibly devastating doomsday weapon systems. In the end, around 250 of these god-like war machines were nothing more than smoldering wreckage, including my own.

The fight was ostensibly over a Keepstar space station, one of the many Death Star equivalent installations that have been besieged during the war of extermination between The Imperium and the PAPI Coalition, with PAPI seeking to permanently remove The Imperium from their seat of power in the game. The station wasn’t of any particular strategic import, but, like many of the biggest Titan clashes in EVE’s history, the objective wasn’t the important part. Over the course of the 12-hour brawl, both sides continually escalated, bringing in more and more Titans, as well as other ships in small windows when measures to prevent large ships from using their jump drives to enter the system faltered. Part of the siege of M2 included a “cynosural jamming field” being erected in the system, removing the ability for jump drives to find a navigation beacon. Over the course of the night, this jamming field was either taken down voluntarily, or sabotaged several times. Though The Imperium came out the victor by number of Titans destroyed, both sides are claiming victory.

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