Bonus Skill Point Weekend!

Bonus Skill Point Weekend!

The Bonus Skill Point Weekend kicks off today with up to 50,000 SP up for grabs. Log in each day before 11:00 UTC on  August 23rd to take advantage and accelerate your skill training! There are also some handy Agency Hardshell boosters being given out as part of the event – just what you need for your next abyssal adventure or Nullsec skirmish.

This event is available for both Alpha and Omega clones with Omegas receiving a second set of even more lucrative rewards. Upgrading to Omega at any point before the event is over will also grant any previous rewards you might have missed.

The free Skill Points are enough to instantly inject over 30 hours’ worth of training into any skill you need right now so make sure you log in to collect them free!

Source Credit: Eve Online

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