Black Friday – Up to 25% Off PLEX

As Black Friday nears, New Eden’s pilots will soon be able to take advantage of several limited-time Black Friday deals – with up to 25% off select PLEX packages, some of which include eye-catching free SKINs!

There will also be daily rewards available, and a special offer on hand-picked Omega and MCT packages over in the New Eden Store. All Black Friday offers are available from 11:00 UTC on 25 November until 11:00 UTC on 30 November.


Across the official EVE Store, the Epic Games Store, and Steam the following discounts will be available throughout EVE’s Black Friday sales period:

  • Up to 25% discounts on select PLEX packages, plus free SKINs with select items at the EVE Store.
  • Up to 25% discounts on select PLEX packages at the Epic Games Store.
  • Up to 25% discounts on select PLEX packages at the Steam store.

All stores will feature generous discounts on a variety of packages containing anywhere from 110 to 15,400 PLEX. Exclusively at the official EVE Store, larger PLEX packages not only come at the reduced price, but also include free Copper Lightning SKINs.


All pilots will receive rewards for each day they log in from 25 to 30 November, up to a maximum of four. The rewards for Alpha pilots focus on a quartet of powerful combat boosters, while Omegas can secure a combination of boosters and Skill Points. Remember to log in 4 out of the 5 days to receive the maximum number of rewards. Alpha pilots can upgrade to Omega at any point during this timeframe to claim the Omega rewards!

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