Announcing Alliance Tournament XVII

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Take up your flags, the 10 v 10 battle for alliance supremacy returns to EVE Online this November! Alliances will once again be sending their champions to battle it out in the arena for glory and epic prizes, while a desk of experienced casters will break down the action for you as you cheer your team on to victory. There will even be some exciting new prizes for viewers to earn while rooting for their teams!

Signups will open on 19 July at 11:00 UTC, so expect a follow up article with full rules and signup instructions on that day. Until then, rally your alliance mates, get your propaganda artists working on a new video advertisement, and blow the dust off your alliance executor (so they can register your team on time!)

This year we’re flying our EVE_NT partners out to Reykjavik to help us put on the professional tournament broadcast you’ve come to expect from the Alliance Tournament in our new studio. And of course, to contrast the polished streaming experience, we hope to see lots of new video advertisements for your corporations, alliances, or in-game businesses – details on how to submit these will be provided in the Alliance Tournament XVII official discord. Your video advertisements (if approved) will be shown to thousands of other players live on stream during the tournament, so be sure to get started on your ad right away!

As for prizes, this year’s tournament is going to be pancake themed; Mordu’s Legion is sponsoring this event, so you can expect discounted points for the Garmur, Orthrus, and Barghest, plus some rather flat Alliance Tournament prize ships to be fought over.

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