Alliance Tournament XVII – Survival Guide

Alliance Tournament


One of our favorite things that come out of the AT are the stories of the teams and the narrative around it. What we have here are only a few stories that happened over the weekend. Go speak to the players from your Alliance and other teams that impressed you to learn more about the fascinating backstories. – There is a lot to cover.

Proving the doubters wrong – Psychotic Tendencies.

After comfortable wins over The Minions and Goonswarm FederationPsychotic Tendencies found themselves in the winners bracket against the strong team of Esports Petopia. A win in this match meant a top 12 finish, guaranteeing eight AT prize ships. With that in mind, Psychotic Tendencies decided to go for it and fielded their flagship Nightmare.

The first half of the match was calm with both teams jockeying for a favorable position on the grid until Esports Petopia’s supporting logistics frigates were taken down. Now on a timer, Esports Petopia made a last-ditch effort. Using a Vindicator battleship they managed to lock down Psychotic Tendencies flagship Nightmare.

In the final minutes of the match, both teams found themselves in a nail-biting race which ultimately ended in a comfortable point win of 57-23 for Psychotic Tendencies but at the excruciating cost of losing their own flagship. Now faced with the prospect of flying out the remainder of the tournament without their flagship, Psychotic Tendencies vie for a start of a proper Cinderella run as they face AT veterans Rote Kapelle in the winners bracket.

Matches to look out for on Saturday

15:40 UTC – Platinum Sensitivity. vs L A Z E R H A W K S

Fan favorites Platinum Sensitivity face the hawks in a matchup that should be dead even. L A Z E R H A W K S sent home null-sec juggernauts Northern Coalition and are looking solid going into the weekend.

17:20 UTC – The Tuskers Co. vs Snuffed Out

Perennial tournament powerhouse and AT winners in The Tuskers Co. find themselves unexpectedly in the losers bracket and without their flagship going against an exciting Snuffed Out team who have only dropped a match to one of the tournament favorites of Templis CALFS.

19:20 UTC – Psychotic Tendencies vs Rote Kapelle

Both of these teams find themselves perhaps unexpectedly in the winners bracket with major prize rewards on the line in this match. Expect both of these teams to put everything on the line.

19:40 UTC – WE FORM V0LTA vs DarkSide.

These teams have history! One of the largest rivalries in the AT, having gone up against each other several times in the past. They also both sport two of the most seasoned captains in the AT.


Both of these teams are mounting a solid campaign to a podium finish and have remained relatively untested until now. Neither team has had to deviate from their standard compositions and we are looking forward to seeing what tricks they have in store, expect fireworks. This is a grand finals caliber match.

16 teams say their goodbyes

Lastly, we want to celebrate the teams that have been eliminated so far. The Alliance tournament is so much more than perhaps the twenty to thirty minutes we see the teams on the grid and in the AT we celebrate each team, regardless of their results.

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