Alliance Tournament XVII Prizes

Alliance Tournament

Alliance Tournament XVII is fast approaching! The teams have been practicing hard to prepare for the annual bloodbath in the arena that will take place on the first two weekends of November, but before gazing at the explosions, it’s time to look at the epic prizes that are up for grabs this year – both for the competitors and for those cheering on their teams.

As teased in the original announcement, new tournament prize ships are being created for this year’s event. While these ships are still in development, you can feed your excitement with a sneak peek!


‘Two generals choosing to meet in battle will each believe victory is in their grasp despite one general being wrong in the greater number of cases. This shows the importance of good information to the general in the field. If information is lacking, false, or otherwise imperfect, disaster is sure for the general acting precipitously.’

So it goes somewhere in the Analects. In other words, make sure of your own info before committing, and if you can stop the other guy from knowing what the hell is going on, so much the better. It’s basic but you’d be surprised how often people will jump into a fight without thinking it through.

– Muryia Mordu, quoting the Analects of the Raata Empire

The Raiju is Mordu’s Legion’s premiere electronic attack frigate. Based on the Garmur hull, this ship boasts Mordu’s signature speed and terrifying missile output. It is also complemented by an extreme warp disruption range bonus as well as bonuses to sensor dampener strength which will allow it to hold down an enemy from range, pour on the missile damage, and prevent it from even thinking about shooting back. If you are unlucky enough to encounter one of these ships, bring friends.

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