A New Live Event for July

Eve Online

Attention capsuleers! Have you ever pointed your camera drones at some distant nebula or beautiful sight and thought “I should have studied photography at the Science and Trade Institute instead of becoming a pod pilot”? Well, if so, Team Illuminati has a new event coming up for you to scratch that artistic itch of yours, while also giving you the opportunity to get some cool stuff. And for those of you who don’t like snapping pictures, hopefully it’ll give you a chance to blow up the potential photographers.

During the summer months, we here at the Illuminati Team are taking an opportunity to try something different with live events for a while. For the past year, we’ve been running events with actors in system which players get to come and interact with; either to help them, negotiate with them, or just blow them up. Now we’d like to try look at other possibilities.

For our first experiment, we’re holding this photography contest on behalf of the Sisters of EVE, who are well known for exploring the universe of New Eden. We’re hoping to allow a wider range of players to participate, over a variety of time zones and locations, with different playstyles than we’ve been able to support so far. We hope you like it!

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