6M Omega + 2 free SKINs

If you want to make the most of your EVE experience while picking up some free SKINs at the same time, then the ‘Omega Double SKIN deal’ is for you.

Running from 11:00 UTC 3 June until 11:00 UTC 8 June you’ll get two extra SKINs at no additional cost when you pick up six months of Omega. Pilots that take advantage of the ‘Omega Double SKIN deal’ will receive a Tengu Ultra Jungle (Ladar) SKIN and a Typhoon Bloody Hands SKIN.

The former gives you an option to give your Tengu a new look that is both striking and bold, while the latter brings the colors of the divisive Bloody Hands of Matar, who take a hard-lined opposition to the Amarr Empire.

For those yet to try Omega, it provides the most rewarding, fully featured way to play EVE Online. Omega users get unlimited access to both skills and double training speed, along with an infinite skill queue. Signing up to Omega also grants you the ability to start exporting from planetary colonies. Still not enough? Omega equally brings you a wealth of additional weapons and modules, as well as unlimited access to EVE’s contract system and ship tree.

And, of course, you get access to two SKINs’ worth of extra style!

Already an Omega user? Take advantage of this special offer now to claim your free SKINs and add the six months to your existing Omega time.

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