64-Bit Instructions for Singularity (Mac Users – must read!)

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Last Time, on EVE Online 64-Bit Progress:
The March 5th mass test 13 revealed some interesting memory and FPS concerns with the initial implementation. Devs scrambled to find the causes and modify the code to prevent further disruptions.

And now, the continuation:
Our Engine and Build teams have tackled a fair number of interesting issues in the 64-Bit client. We resolved a unique quirk of EVE memory allocation related to module duration and scene clean up, and have instituted fixes for problems related to frametime.

Excitingly, we’ve also implemented a few changes to allow Mac users to experience EVE in 64-bit glory. So, we’re going to try mass testing again as indicated HERE 74 !

There are a few specific steps that need to be taken for you to participate in this (now) twice-in-a-lifetime experience:

1: Restart your launcher to get the latest version. The necessary Launcher version is 1501045.
2: Select Singularity as your server.
3: Start the client!

1: Restart your launcher to get the latest version. The necessary Launcher version is 1501045.
2: Open EVE Launcher Preferences in the Menu Bar.
3: Enable ‘Use dev versions’ under wine options.
4: Select the following specific Wine Dev branch*: winehq-macos-binary.
5: Allow Wine** to download and update (sometimes restarting the launcher afterward is necessary).
6: Select Singularity as your server.
7: Start the client!

*- Please note that selecting this Wine version is officially approved for Singularity use only! If you switch to any other server, INCLUDING TRANQUILITY, we recommend that you disable development Wine to ensure a stable experience.

**- This Wine version does not include the custom key bindings present in ccp-master wine. Discussion regarding the removal of those bindings can be found HERE 29

Credit – Eve Online Forums

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