30% Off SKINs in the NES Summer Sale

30% Off SKINs

If you like to explore New Eden in style – but prefer to keep to a budget – the new NES summer SKIN sale is for you.

Running for two weeks until 24 August, a range of popular SKINs will be available with 30% taken off their full price. Across each week, different SKINs will be offered at a reduced price, giving you two opportunities to save on customizing the look of your fleet.

From 11:00 UTC August 10th until 11:00 UTC August 17th, a range of 20 SKINs and SKIN bundles will be available at the 30% discount, including numerous Hex SKINs, the Sansha and Blood Raider Hex bundles, Talos and Ishtar Inner Zone Vanguard SKINs, and desirable options such as the Cerberus Vitalshift Ego SKIN.

The following week, running from 11:00 UTC on  August 17th through to 11:00 UTC on August 24th, a further selection will be discounted, letting you pick up options such as the Guristas Hex bundle, or eye-catching choices including the Gila Abyssal Afterglow and Drekavac Metamateria Exotica SKINs.

Check in at the New Eden Store each week to see the full spread of discounts – and to make sure you don’t miss out on this time-limited sale.


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